August 24, 2014

Lindesberg - This small friendly town has tolerance. Stockholm City, watch and learn...

This summer, in small city named Lindesberg (near the town Örebro, in Sweden), one creative woman, Helena Nilsson @ms:helananilsson , got a bright colorful idea:"Lets paint the town!" @paintthecity_lindesberg. No resistance from anybody. She started a competition and a lot of graffiti artists applied. Here is the result! Look at this! We are now very proud to show some of the results here on our blog. Probably no need to tell you (because you see that with your own eyes), but it was some of swedens best graffiti artists that "did the town" that week. And in Stockholm? As you guessed, still zero tolerance. We hope our capital city will grow up someday an say a big "boo" to the people in city hall who cannot let zero tolerance be gone forever.

When coming to Lindesbert this piece meet you! Of @_blessone 

Art of @timtimmey @dan_sapunar @future_funk @rolfcarlwerner 

Art of @rolfcarlwerner

Art of Leon @malmowarewolf

Art of Ligisd @ja_visd

Painting of Ligisd @ja_visd, Leon @malmowarewolf and @8bit_one 

Art of Gouge @gougeone

Art of Ligisd @ja_visd

Art of Ligisd @ja_visd

Art of Huge

Art of @elina_metso

Art of Tim Timmey

Painting of Ligisd @ja_visd

Art of Tim Timmey

Art of @mister_buso