April 23, 2016

February 29, 2016

January 24, 2016

November 25, 2015

GraffitiSthlm Vernissage

GraffitiSthlm vernissage made the dark cold evening in November to a colorful time! I was lucky to exhibit with them in their cool studio :-)

Photos by Izabella Englund 

Art of Klive

Art of Kaos

Photo with tags of Caroline Jensen and Reil

Photoart by Caroline Jensen and Reil

Art of Ruskig

Klive beer

Caps of chocolate of Daniel Meyer

Photomontage RESTart Requiem by Caroline Jensen


Art on wall of Polar and in front André-Barowiak

Cool chairs and table of Marie Winblad

Kaos beer

Art of Kaos and Fits

October 31, 2015


Everybody knew this building was going to be destroyed. It´s an area of process.  But it´s sad to see all the art destroyed after months of hard work. It´s like the artists put beautiful clothes on this cool building before death. Inside the building there was great art of Callenberg - but thats another story that I am not telling about right now. 

I had decided to not take any photos of destruction because it was to painful to see all the great art disappear. But the strategi of avoid pain does not work. I should know this... It´s just to get into it and stand it. Making photos is a way out ...

So here we go. Some pics of RESTart Requiem!

September 29, 2015

FINAL RESTart Slussen

 Photo of a photo of @critical_se

"RESTart Slussen is an art project under the auspices of Stockholm Konst, initiated by the project managers, textile artisan Kerstin Simonsson and graffiti artist Pärra Andreasson." From left: Pärra Andreasson @ruskigstm, Kerstin Simonsson @kesivilar and Mårten Castenfors (Stockholm Konst) 

Interview with @delicious_brains and @gougeone

Interview with Pärra Andreasson @ruskigstm

On photo @amarapordios

By by dear RESTart project. It has been an honor for me to be part of this project as a documenting photographer. Great to meet all artist and make photos of the art. This is the first big project in middle of Stockholm after years of zero tolerance for graffiti. Interesting collaboration with all the artists. Look forward to see more of this in future!

August 25, 2015


Swedish Graffiti Art & Photography exhibition in New York

The Imagination Raw Space Gallery and James TOP Productions proudly presents KAOS and KLIVE, two famous Swedish artists and pioneers of the Swedish graffiti scene, alongside photographers Caroline Jensen and Izabella Englund, showing their Art & Photography exhibition "IN SPIRIT"

"IN SPIRIT" opened at The Imagination Raw Space Gallery located at 2031 Adam Clayton Blvd between 121 & 122 st friday August 21st and last for a week. 

"IN SPIRIT" want to give something back to NYC, the city where graffiti as an artform was born, by showing Graffiti Art & Photography from other side of the Atlantic. 

It´s a dream to exhibit in NYC with IN SPIRIT group! 

THANKS to all of you who made this possible! 

I had a projector on going in the opening with photos of Swedish Graffiti art from the public gallery, photographed by my partner Anders Lindberg and me. THANKS to all of you! Some of you I could not reach ... but I wrote of course the artists names :-)

"IN SPIRIT" is an international cultural exchange supported by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

Other sponsors Graffiti NYCTV, Harlem Brew Company, Hush Tours, Tuff City and King Bee.