April 6, 2014

Graffiti - only for the Swedish Police Task Force in Stockholm :- (

When I heard about this painting I could not belive it! The swedish task force can enjoy this art but for people in Stockholm is zero tolerance of Graffiti Art! 

What is this? 

This work "Urban Allemansrätt" from 2005, of Daniel Diaz, Ossian Eckerman and Arvid Vretman, is located in the building of the Swedish Police Task Force. The wall is nearly 80 meter!

Can you belive this?

It´s time to change the policy of zero tolerance in Stockholm! 
Come on! Stockholm will be the best city in Europe for Graffiti and Street art!

Art is the golden side of life! Graffiti Art is coming from the people more than any art form. Please let us see murals in town! Let us have a lot of cool happenings with focus on Graffiti in Stockholm Now!

Just look at this art! 

Pictures of Annica Jansson Selim from "Katalog 35 Statens konstråd 2005" Verk "Urban Allemansrätt" Placering Rikskriminalpolisen / Insatsstyrkan