November 1, 2013

Is this art a crime?

Karlstad, in Värmland, has a legal graffiti wall. There is a graffiti coordinator of the municipality and possible to study street art at Karlstad University.

Stockholm city has zero tolerance graffiti and policy means that the city will not participate in activities that can somehow spark interest in graffiti. There is no way for graffiti artists to express themselves legally in the public domain. Street art and graffiti are considered creating insecurity and need to be removed within 24 hours. Other Scandinavian capitals have in recent years made ​​zero tolerance for a more multifaceted approach (from "Zero tolerance" of Jacob Kimvall).

Top Line: Paintings from Stockholm, including one by the artist Hop Louie. Bottom Line: Paintings from the legal wall in Karlstad by artist Super G. The heart is still there on a wall in Stockholm. Anonymous.

We put this pics on a favorite cafe in southern part of Stockholm. Café Skåningen, Skånegatan 91.