September 7, 2013

Stavanger is a public gallery

Nuart festival made Stavanger to a public gallery. The festival is an annual international street art festival with a focus exclusively on Street Art since 2005. Artists are painting everywhere right now and it´s beautiful to see the art. Many things are going on like artist talks, films, panels and so on. The minister of Culture Hadia Tajik visited the festival yesterday and tonight the Tou Scene will have a big Exhibition opening. This is just so different from the situation in Stockholm and Sweden Can somebody explain why?

If you want a read an article I wrote of this in Artcle about Nuartfestival       Article in swedish. Maybe you can use Google Translate :-)

This art is made of Strök (NO), Hush (UK), ROA (BE), C215 (FR), Aiko (JP), Zach (LT), Faith47 (ZA) andHush again. But there is so much more to see...