December 29, 2014

Graphiare make zero tolerant Stockholm colorful!

On the same moment that the City of Stockholm discusses about the zero tolerance and how to change the situation we got new amazing beautiful events with graffiti as a core value! Welcome to Graphiare!

Start with this film! Kaos and Leon painting together. We want 15 minutes of Fame

Graphiare is a new art concept from Francesca Romana Correale which mixes different artform as fashion, food and graffiti in a beautiful way. We were contacted of this amazing italian lady designer in january after she had read our blog. We wanted to make art of art with our best quality photos and she wanted to mix the art with fashion and food and take it to another level. We found out that we both lived in the same area of Stockholm and became friends.

Since than we have been working like crazy besides our full time jobs and family life. We introduced her to writers in Stockholm and had a lot of meetings. We visited Graffiti happenings together and our focus this year has been making photos for this project.

We had so many ideas and plans. Graphiare team changed and new people were involved and all events got real in the end of 2014. Stockholm could finally see the first exhibitions of Graphiare!

In the end of november Mini Coopers were painted by the artists Kaos @kaosthlm, Klive @kliveone, Leon and Ligisd @ligisd at the studio of Graffiti Sthlm in collaboration with Foodlab. Look at Graphiare and you will see films from the painting by Emil Nordin and Ollie Nordh. 

December 1:st the first event of Graphiare was at Snickarbacken 7 a cool place with caf√© and shop. Great vernissage and exhibition until january 8 with same artists. 

December 8 a nice private event in Foodlab Artellerigatan 55. Artfood inspired of the four artists and vernissage of exhibition ending January 30.  

December 13 all Sweden celebrate Lucia and Graphiare had another private event at Nordic Light Hotel. Kids from International school and their familys celebrated Lucia and the dresses were painted by artist OKOK. 

Photos of all events made by Graphiare photo team: Anders Lindberg, Caroline Jensen, Izabella Englund and Victor Bergstedt. 

Look at
Graphiare and Facebook to see all of them!

Here is some pics by them by us:

Jacob Kimvall at Snickarbacken.

Photo collage of Jensen Lindberg with art of @hoplouie and @supergraff

Francesca Romana Correale with a sponsor.

The painting I love of Kaos and Klive.

Painting of Leon, Kaos & Klive and Ligisd.

Painting of Kaos.

Painting of Klive.

I am very proud of this photo of Klive & Kaos.

The Graffit legend Snake with Jacob Kimvall and the artist Leon talking about the painting at Foodlab. 

Lucia event at Nordic Light Hotel. Art of OKOK.