September 21, 2014

NYC Graffiti Hall of Fame 2014

We are so happy to have the possibility showing you our photos from NYC Graffiti Hall of Fame 2014. This happening would not be possible in zero tolerant Stockholm, where the city has the policy of not accept any happenings who can make interest for graffiti. 

This is an historical place on a schoolyard on East 106:th street / Park Avenue, founded in 1980 by Ray Rodriguez aka Sting Ray. Writers have painted here since then!

 1 The Art Director James TOP signing ...

 2 Jerms, Topaz ...

 3 Jerms 

4 Scratch in progress

5 VaseOne

6 TWA/UW crews. Big wall in progress.

7 King Bee ... Bzzzzzz

8 Hopes Art


10 Pfunk and ?

11 Pfunk

12 Wizart in progress

 13 James TOP intervew for Graffiti NYC TV