May 30, 2014

Artscape festival in tolerant Malmö

Malmö in south of Sweden have having right now a nice festival. Great artists paining murals and a lot of nice happenings related to Graffiti. Workshops for the children at Folkets Park and more ...

Look at this beautiful art!

Shalak from Candada and Amara Por Dios from Sweden 

Amara Por Dios

Cool sign of Bates in the middle of Malmö

Painting of Amara Por Dios in "Hangaren" in Malmö

A lot of nice paintings in Hangaren. Nice characters of Fits.

Ligisd, Rizo and Vejam at Hangaren 

Brunosmoky and Shalak painting in Hangaren Malmö

Faith 47 painting. 

We hope this will be possible soon in zero tolerant Stockholm. We want to see Faith 47 and other talent writers paint murals in the city of Stockholm