January 5, 2014

Do you know about the Zero tolerance of Graffiti in Stockholm?

We got many questions on Instagram and will try to explain! 

From the policy, in short: "Tags, graffiti and street art are not accepted and this policy is valid for all types of properties, land, facilities, vehicles etc. Cleanup, removal of graffiti and similar vandalism is to happen within 24h". 

"The City shall not engage in or support activities or events not clearly repudiates graffiti, illegal graffiti and the like vandalism. The City will not participate in activities at can somehow spark interest and lead to graffiti, illegal graffiti or similar vandalism."

The whole policy if you want to read: Policy of Zero tolerance

The result of this is that we don´t have any legal wall in Stockholm. Street Art Festivals, workshops, courses and exhibitions has been stopped. 

It´s must be a change!

Recently we have seen a film about the artist Nug in swedish television and some articles are publicized about swedish graffiti artists. The swedish site on Instagram "Tags & Throws" has as many followers as the most popular graphic artists in Sweden. Some weeks ago there was a political discussion in the town of Stockholm. Something is going on! It is election year!

People are trying in different ways to do something. The blog gatukonst.se collect news and articles of graffiti and zero tolerance. They write about people, places and graffiti art. 

The artist Stella Pilback made a wall on wheels in her study of design. For some days it was possible to write and paint in the hart of Stockholm city, Sergelstorg because there is no policy for walls on wheels! 

And this is the wall on wheels :-)